SLAM Social 6's Comp Rules

Warm Up

Competitor Wellbeing – Our Number One Priority!

Please ensure you warm up and stretch to avoid any injuries.

First Aid

Personnel will be on-hand in the case of any unforeseen circumstances. For any insurance related injuries, you MUST report any injuries to officials at the time of injury.


NEVER… NEVER… question the referee… The referee’s decision is final!!

The referee’s No. 1 priority is player safety.

A referee may call a game off if they feel someone could get hurt.

Games are played with maximum of 6 players (any combination) on the court. Teams may have up to two reserves per team. Reserves may sub-on and sub-off as many or few times as they please. The total number of teams varies per competition based on size of beach, number of courts & time allocation.

The length of each game is determined by time. The time of each match will be determined based on the numbers of teams entered on the day (SLAM reserves the right to change this at any time throughout the day).

Scoring is rally point (a point on every serve). Teams score as many points as they can to win. If the ball is in play when the horn goes, continue playing the point. If the two teams are tied, the game will go into sudden death; the next point wins the match. THERE ARE NO DRAWS.

If a team deliberately stalls the game it’s at the referee’s discretion to award points to the opposing team.

SLAM Festival is about fun! Teams are required to call their own violations, and are expected to be honest and foster a high level of sportsmanship at all times.

Player Rotations

Players must rotate positions in a clockwise formation.


If a player blocking touches the ball on a block, it is counted as the first touch. The blocker may play the ball off their own block (not considered a double touch). Three touches only before the ball must cross the net. No player may double touch. Players may play the ball off any part of their body.

Net Calls

If a player touches the net in an attempt to keep play going this is allowed however if it is to spike or win the point, referees should make the net call. Use discretion and your judgment to differ on these.

A player may cross under the net at any time with out violation, as long as they do not interfere with anyone on the other team playing the ball.

If there is a dispute on an important point the referee may replay the point.

Late Arrivals

To ensure competition runs to time, teams arriving more than 1 minute late lose 4 points. Teams arriving more than 3 minutes late will loose 12 points, teams arriving more that 5 mins late loose 25 points.

Inflatable Line Calls

If a ball hits any part of the inflatable and bounces back into play (the court) the point continues. If the ball hits any part of the inflatable and bounces out of court (before hitting the sand inside the court) it is out.

Determining Playoff Brackets

The team with the most overall points at the end of the round robin session will advance to the SLAM Cup Bracket. The team with the second highest overall points will advance to the SLAM Plate Bracket, and the team with the least amount of overall points will advance to the SLAM Bowl Bracket. (Formula use to calculate points is: Points your team earns – Points the opposing team earns = Your overall points)

The Final

All rules will remain the same as they have throughout the day. The games will be run on length of time to be decided by management at time of final. Unless unforeseen circumstances occur, both halves will be between 8-15mins a half.

Round Results

Keep updated with the game results on our competition tree that will be set up on a board courtside. This will illustrate what court you are playing on and what team you will be versing next.

Remember – Fair Play At All Times With An Emphasis On Fun!!