SLAM's frequently asked questions

  • How do I add team members/ join my mates team?

    See the screen shots below to add yourself or your mate to a team. The most important thing to remember is that your captain must invite you first. (click on the image to enlarge)


    Step 1

    Step 2


    Step 3 

    Step 4

     Step 5

  • What is the minimum age?

    The minimum age to play is 15 years and older.

  • Does the whole team need to register upon arrival on the day?

    No. In fact it is better if one team member comes to the registration desk. This person does not necessarily need to be the team captain; any member of the team can do this.

  • Can I change my team name?

    We are currently updating the site to allow teams to edit their profiles. Please check back again soon. In the mean time to change your team name please email with your current team name and ‘Name change’  in the title.

  • How many people can play on my team?

    To register for SLAM SOCIAL you must have a minimum of SIX and a maximum of EIGHT players on your team.

    There is a maximum of SIX players allowed from each team on court at any time.

    Teams are permitted to sub team members at any natural break during the game and at the referees discretion


  • What is the format of the competition?

    Competition format is 3 teams in each pool (number of pools depends on number of teams).
    In each pool, teams play the other 2 teams in a round robin to establish a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place (No teams can draw a game).
    When teams are drawn on points, the team with better point difference (points scored minus points conceded) will have the higher status.

    The entire competition is then broken up into three tiers and make up a Plate, Cup & Bowl competition. 1st placed teams play for the Cup, 2nd placed teams play for the Plate and 3rd placed teams play for the Bowl.
    Once teams are broken into the Cup, Plate and Bowl tournament, a knock-out format follows with the winner progressing from each game.


  • How many games will I be playing?

    You are guaranteed a minimum of three games; there are two round robin games, which determine what tier of the tournament your team will play in for the knockout competition.
    Once the round robin games have been played, the knockout (sudden death) rounds begin, there is a natural progression of winners moving to the next level and those who don’t can enjoy a drink at the after party.

  • What time do we need to arrive?

    Registrations on the day start at 9am.

    Please ensure you leave plenty of time to get registered, collect your goody bags and get warmed up.

    Competition starts at 10am!

  • Can I store my belongings whilst playing?

    Unfortunately there are no facilities to store your belongings whilst you are on court.

    Please ensure you keep an eye on any belongings and valuables. Despite having event security onsite SLAM is essentially on a public beach so we cannot take responsibility for any lost or stolen items.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Teams that cancel 30 days out from the event can receive a full refund.

    Teams that cancel 30-14 days out from the event will receive a 50% refund

    Unfortunately teams that cancel less than 14 days out from the event will not be eligible for a refund

  • How do I know when, where and who my team is playing?

    Each registered team will be given a team page to view all the game information you will need for the tournament.

    This page will be updated with who you are playing and what time and on what court.

    The link to your team page will be sent to you via Facebook or email depending on how the Team Captain invited you.

  • How do I register a team?

    Teams are created by the Captain and full payment for each player is required to register a team.

    You can register with your Facebook account (Recommended) or you can sign up directly through the site. To register Click Here

  • Is my team registered once payment is made or when all team members have entered their details?

    The team is registered as soon as full team payment has been made.

  • How do I hear about discounts & updates?

    Signup for the SLAM newsletter and Like us on Facebook to receive updates on the event and early price discounts.


  • Where can I get details on team costs?

    All prices can be found on the SLAM website under relevant location.